the little things.

How are you? These are words I hear and/or say everyday of my life. When you meet someone, when you are passing a friendly stranger, when you are talking to your best friend,  or even a family member. This phrase is overused and has lost its meaning. Rather than asking a question, we are stating a habitual phrase. Why have we done this? Asking about others is not only an affable greeting, but a selfless and caring gesture (if you mean it, that is). In addition, we have to remember to ask ourselves, how are we? Are we happy or are we sad? Are we stressed or are we carefree? Ask yourself: how am I?

How am I? I’m wonderful. I feel that I lost myself for awhile. I forgot who I was and what I wanted in life. When we get comfortable or used to a particular lifestyle, we forget to think. We forget to think about our life process. I feel I have recently found myself and am enjoying life to its fullest. I am working extremely hard but still manage to make time for a social life (which is awesome!). And of course, I have been paying more attention to the little things. This is important! The little things make up who we are. They make up the details of our lives and they are not to be ignored!

Do yourself a favor this weekend. Stop what you are doing. Stop stressing out or running around. Just take a moment wherever you are and enjoy something simple. Something that you easily neglect on a daily basis. For example, a smiling baby. Or maybe the flowers on your neighbors tree. How about the old man walking down the street with a pull cart full of Miller High Life (yes I did indeed witness this today!)? These things are crucial for our sanity. Although we are living in a complex and digital world, we must stop and enjoy the things that are natural and real. They cannot be made up nor are they simulated. They are so ordinary, yet when you take the moment to recognize them, they are extraordinary!

Written: January 27 2012