Bisou’s Bakes

Meet Bisou. She is a one-year old German Shepherd dog who loves to smell all the fresh baked scents coming from her kitchen. Not only do they smell good, but they taste good too! *panting*

Although Marlee is doing all of the baking, Bisou’s Bakes just has a ring to it! Plus she is so stinkin’ cute, she definitely adds for some great marketing! :)

Bisou’s Bakes are all natural, fiber-rich, and most of the time 100% plant-based. Combining her evidenced-based nutritional knowledge and creativity for foodie fun, Marlee’s creations are tasty, unique, and actually healthy.

“Nothing is better than a fresh baked good,” Marlee says. “But walking into local bakeries, all I can find are delicious, guilt-full treats that do not make the best healthy choices. I rarely find baked goods that are not only tasty but also good FOR you. And so Bisou’s Bakes began.