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Filling your life with healthy habits allows you to create a healthful habitat. Being healthy is a dynamic process; it doesn't happen over night. A healthful habitat is created through consistency and dedication. To be healthful, you must embrace all aspects of healthy. This includes maintaining health through your nutrition, physical activity, and mentality. 

Surround yourself with others that have likeminded values. Be positive and kind. Control your reactions and how you may affect others. Eat real food. Move your body. Strive to be a better "you" each and everyday. 

Healthful Habitat incorporates healthy recipes, health education, and foods for thought (pun intended). I want to equip you with the proper strategies, tools, and mindset to achieve a healthful habitat!


Marlee mar

My name is Marlee and I am currently on the path to becoming a Registered Dietitian. I will be completing my dietetic internship at the Southern Regional Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia, and will prepare to sit for my registration exam in the spring of 2016.

Being healthy through nutrition and physical activity makes me feel good! So good, in fact, that I want to share this with everyone! I believe that if we can create more happiness within ourselves (by maintaining good health), the world could be a better place.

Master of Science in Nutrition - 2015
Master of Science in Education - 2012
Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology - 2011

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